My parents dont understand me?

My room is kinda clean and my parents think its messy because i have work clothes in my chair and the some clothes and my desk just have books laying around. They always believe my brothers and help me when needed and not bother about their room. Im a girl and the youngest. My sweet 16 is in march and I am really excited and i want it to be special because my bat mitzvah was in disney world but my brothers had one because they are boys and girls turning of age is not so important but boys are men. I already started planning I got the restaurant, the dress, the guest and the invitations also get a hairdresser also i got the dj. all i have to do is save money and send the invites. I have to do chores by myself even when my brothers are home. I ask my mom if she can help me or my brothers and she said its a girl job not a boy job. I feel the my parents are pressuring me and not my brothers. I want to change my room so that why my room is a bit messy but my mom doesnt understand and she doesnt even care about my sweet 16. Do u think my parents are treating me right. I have to share a bathroom with 2 boys and I always get blamed on if when its not my fault.


my brothers are older than me

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  • 8 years ago
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    you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!! You're parents CLEARLY don't give a single $hit about you!. ya better move out now before they ruin ANOTHER birthday that in a few more years wont mean jack $hit*!!

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  • 8 years ago

    Lol Kenneth.... like she could possibly get sarcasm in her self absorbed world of pom poms and sweet sixteen with her brutal 25 hr a week job... ha ha ha

    Sounds like you have the world on a silver platter.....

    my heart bleeds oh worthless wonder.

    And yes clean up after your little brothers

  • 8 years ago

    Trust me I know but you just gotta do it cus you'll be gone soon

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