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What are some good movies with Cary Elwes?

I would like to watch a movie but I would like it to be one with him in it. I know hes not in a lot of good ones but besides The Princess Bride, where he

plays Westly,are there any good ones with him in it?

Please nothing to gory or scary. I would rather not have nightmares tonight. I know hes in the SAW movies but like I said nothing with too much gore.

I know that Cary has gained a small bit of weight and might sound a little different but he will always be as gorgeous when he played Westly.

So I dont care what year it was made.

I have seen Liar Liar and I am aware that he is in the TV show Psych where he plays Pierre Despereaux.

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    Ones that I've seen ...

    Lady Jane - A drama where Elwes plays the husband of Lady Jane Grey.

    Glory - Elwes plays Major Forbes (best friend of Matthew Broderick's character).

    Twister - Elwes plays Jonas, the leader of the "rival" team of storm chasers.

    For more, I suggest you look him up on Wikipedia or IMdB. Hope that helps!

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    Robin Hood: Men in Tights

  • Robin Hood Men in Tights. His best movie and by far the best Robin Hood movie.

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    Days of Thunder

    Kiss the Girls

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