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5 seconds of summer help please?

who are the guys can I have some facts about each one? thx

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  • 7 years ago
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    Ashton Irwin- 19, July 7 1994, he's Australian & American, joined 5SOS in Dec. 2011, fave movie isPursuit of Happiness, fave tv show is Family Guy

    Luke Hemmings- 17, July 16 1996, pure Australian, started by making youtube covers, the responsible one, fave tv show is How I Met Your Mother, fave movie is Anchor Man

    Michael Clifford- 17, November 20 1995, he's English Scottish Irish German and Australian, the "sassiest" one, loves McDonald's (aka Macca's) and pizza

    Calum Hood- 17, January 25 1996, he's kiwi and Scottish NOT Asian lol, loves soccer, went to brazil to represent Australia in soccer but turned it down to be with the band, according to the band he's te most "feminine" and has the "best ***"

    Go on there's a lot more on each of the boys :)

    P.S I LOVE 5SOS :D

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  • 5 sos is a band. Luke( vocals, guitar), Michael ( vocals, guitar), Calum ( vocals, bass),Ashton ( vocals, drums). Love them so much ♥♥ From a Greek fan

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    Source(s): Me ( Greek fan)
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