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Should I start wearing blush and bronzer?

I'm 16 almost 17 and have been experimenting with makeup a lot lately and learning new techniques and really love it, but I haven't tried blush or bronzer yet. This is makeup I'd be wearing to school and work, so I don't know if I should wear both, one or the other, or neither. I know a lot of girls my age, older and younger who wear blush and bronzer as well as the rest of their full face makeup to school so I don't know if it would be weird if I started to. This new school year I'm reinventing myself into a more confident person so I'm trying to look my best for the new me.

I'm really pale, wear Ivory in every shade of foundation I've been buying lately. I know wearing blush and bronzer will give my face more depth, so should I start wearing it? Which blush/ bronzers do you suggest I buy? Thanks!

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    Hey! I'm 16 as well, and I know what you mean with experimenting with makeup. Finding the perfect shade as well as what will look great with you face is a bit tricky. I personally think that you shouldn't wear bronzer or blush until your know how to apply it correctly. You can learn this on videos on YouTube. But essentially you just suck in your cheeks and apply the bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks and then blend up to your temple. That will give your face more color as well as more depth that us pale people need. Lol. Then use a blush start on the apples of your cheeks, just smile and the part that kind sticks out is your apples, then you just brush it back into your hairline. You can do that with an angled blush brush with a powder blush or you can use a cheek stain that someone already suggested but didn't know the name. Or a cream blush, apply with fingers blend up or you can use an angled blush brush in this case as well. Also, you can use a lip stick! This way your lips and cheeks are the same color. just sweep a little swatch on to your apples and then blend back. I personally like Cream blushes or powder blushes.

    If you are going to start wearing a blush and bronzer, make sure it looks natural, don't put to much product on, and blend!

    I would suggest the ELF blush/ bronzer duo. You get both of them in one case for $3 and they are work well and are pigmented.

    For just a blush:

    Maybelline Fit me blushes. They have certain blushes that will look great with your skin tone so you can easily find those as well as their bronzers for the Fit Me set. They are $4.97 at target

    Maybelline dream bouncy blush is a cream blush around $6.50 at target and these work very well.

    Elf Blushes: they are all $3.00 and they are nice and pigmented, great for beginners.


    Maybelline fit me bronzers

    they have a shade for Dark, medium or light skin, so find the one in light skin and it should look great on you. they are $4.49 at Target

    Elf studio bronzer- it comes with four shades and you can just swirl your brush in it and use all four or just pick a shade and use just it. It is $3 at target.

    You wear what you want to wear, wear both or just one of the other, I wear both and i think it looks fine. Maybe beauty gurus on youtube who are teens wear both, and they know a lot about makeup, more then people answering your question. Good luck sweetheart and have discovering.

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    I never wear bronzer (partly because I can never blend it right, lol) and I don't wear blush very often but when I do wear blush, I only use the liquid kind. Not sure what it's called exactly but it's way better than powder. It usually comes in a clear little bottle that looks like a nail polish bottle and it has a little brush that u apply it with. It's really thin and water-like so it all depends if u like that. I'm also ivory and I think it looks good on me so it should work for u too. :)

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    Ew blush and bronzer together doesn't look good in my opinion.

    Blush is for that color in your cheeks

    Bronzer is to make you look darker, but a sunkissed glow

    I would go with blush sense you are a light skin tone.

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    Ew blush is disgusting! It's for old ladies, I hate it! Bronzer won't mix with it easier. Experiment with bronzer but get a light color if your skin is light. Maybe start out by contouring with it.

    Source(s): I'm 16
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