I am in the market for home owners insurance in OH. I have USAA for all my other accounts, other suggestions?

I am in the market for home owners insurance in Columbus,OH. I have USAA for all my other accounts, other suggestions? I have heard horror stories about USAA hiking up rates on people without any claims for no particular reason to the point where they actually dump them to go with someone else 4-6 years down the road. Like I said I'm located in Columbus, OH, so I'd like to go with a company who has some familiarity with the location. I am considering MapFre, Cincinnati Home so far. Any other suggestions? Has anyone ever had a claim with MapFre? Pleased / displeased with their service and issues with them? Totally relying on the network of Yahoo on this one because everyone I know has someone different and they all feel about the same way on all of them. Any help with MapFre advice and or other companies is appreciated!!!

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  • lucy
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    7 years ago
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    IF, you buy homeowners insurance with a different company, you will pay more........The reason is that you now have several accounts with USAA, so with each addle account, they give you a multi policy discount. So if you add homeowners, most likely will give it cheaper.

    So, IF, you want another company, also ask them to quote the other accounts/policies to compare.

    The key question you should ask yourself, has USAA paid prior claims for you, or have you had problems with them? If no problems, then go with USAA. If prior problems, then you need to move all of your accounts to a different company.

    good luck

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    All companies raise rates without it being 'your' fault. We all pay for catastrophes around the country. Wildfires, tornados, earthquakes etc. affect every company, in every state regardless if you filed a claim or not. You may hear horror stories about this company or that one. USAA has a smaller market share than some of the other larger carriers, so they may have had to raise rates higher than say State Farm. Most carriers these days won't even write a stand alone Homeowners policy without auto support, as Homeowner policies are not profitable at the moment. Ask this before wasting your time. After all, Insurance companies are businesses, and have to make money.

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  • 7 years ago

    I have no idea why you wouldn't stay with USAA, at the very least, you need to get a quote from them. Whoever is telling you those horror stories, is lying by ommission - USAA does NOT hike rates with no reasons; and homeowners rates are increasing across the board.

    If you don't like USAA, the next best shot, IMO, is Erie Insurance. Mapfre is AM Best rated A with negative outlook. Erie is A+ and stable. And to put it into persepctive, USAA is A++ and stable. I'd go with USAA first.

  • car253
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    7 years ago

    Other poster had a great answer. Never heard of the companies you mention. I have not heard anything at all, negitive or otherwise about USAA. I have seen their commercials. Until you heard something negitive you should take USAA for your homeowners insurance.

    All companies have something negitive on the record. Just try to find a company that has less complaints. You can contact the Department of Insurance in your state for help.

    I would stick with USAA since you already have all your insurance with them.

    EDIT__ I don't know why I got a thumps down. I said the same thing everyone else said. That is to stay with USAA.

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