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American schools in lebanon ?

i just came here. i have no idea wat school to go to i was gonna go to IB1 in ACS but its very very expensive compared to where i was living so i give up my dream -_- im gonna attend a normal american system school the AP **** thing.... i need somebodys help list.some of the good but cheap school in beirut

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  • 7 years ago
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    I am an American Program student in Sagesse High School and AP is much easier than IB and you do the tests only in the school and no officials exams at all while the IB you have to do officials exams and they will be sent to be corrected maybe in UK or Switzerland but it depends on you and which grade and program you are.

    about the schools there are many like IC and CIS and ACS ( maybe this one only for the Americans students) and SHS ( my school ) and advantest and many others and it depends on the quality and grade so the fees may range from 3000$ to maybe 8000$ for the AP High school and for the IB it may reach 12000$ in some schools but SHS I think it's about 8000$ only for IB

    and there are many schools and the costs may be cheaper if not High school and it depends also on the subjects you are taking maybe so call them and make sure and here is a list of some schools that have IB program and usually they may have the AP program

    and the cheapest one I think is the advantest in dekwane and also in Sagesse High school Ain Saade I was in grade 11AP and now I am going to 12AP after 2 month because we are starting 11 September and the cost I think is around 5000,000 Lebanese Pound so lower grades will be cheaper

    and also this link has some AP and IB schools

    I wish that helped and Good luck :)


    Source(s): I am an AP student and I searched a lot for schools :D
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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Theres LPS (lebanese preparotory school)

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