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I've killed about five baby spiders in my room today. I'm severely scared of spiders and I guess I won't be sleeping tonight. Anyways i'm pretty sure my dad just killed the mother spider in my bathroom because it was HUGE. Considering there was only five spiders that I've killed in my room today do you think the spider laid eggs in my room? please answer please i beg you. also, I have a fan that points at my bed for when I sleep, will the spiders avoid my bed because of the fan? and any other tips on getting these spiders out of my room/house? THANKS

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    Spiders don't like wind, it irritates the sensitive hairs on their legs, so a fan may be effective at keeping spiders off the bed.

    You might try getting familiar with spiders about the house, they are really not the bad guys.

    Having spiders means you also have bugs they feed on.

    I keep spiders around for that, and not one has ever been a problem or nuisance.

    I don't like spiders on the bed either, as they are likely to get squished, but out of the way, I just ignore them.

    five spiders in your room is quite a few, but unless there is food for them, they will soon leave. I have had as many as four adult spider in my room, but they like the corner behind the desk.

    If you knew how many moths, gnats, fleas, and mosquitoes a couple spiders can eat, you might appreciate having some around.

    Source(s): Been around spiders 50 years.
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    Well spiders tend to nest in cool dark places. A great place for spiders to lay eggs is under your bed. If you fall asleep, at least 17 of the approximately 200 spiders that probably hatched will bite you. They may even crawl inside your nose and bite your insides, possibly laying eggs inside your body. If I were you, I would crawl under your bed and roll back and forth. This will squish all of the spiders and eggs. Make sure you wear some old clothes though, you don't want to get dead spider juice all over your nice pj's.

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    if I were you I would seriously spray my room down with bug spray because if that spider laid eggs in there keep that fan pointed away from your bed. spiders when they're young use air to travel. if they catch the air from that fan they will blow straight on to you while you sleep

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