iTunes and Google Play?

So I have an iPad. I have lots of apps (free and non free) and all my music. I'm getting a Samsung Galaxy S4. I know that it carries Google Play. Is there anyway I can get the apps I already bought for free on my New phone? And can I sync my music without buying it all again? Thanks so much! I'm not a geek with technology. Thanks!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Sorry but no everything on your Ipad can only be used with other apple devices. Google and Apple are completely different and there aren't even all the same apps. So no, if you say bought angry birds on your ipad then you can only use it with other apple products. However the Google Play Store's popular apps are usually free. Like angry birds which usually costs 1 dollar on the app store is free on the play store. There are many free apps on the Google Play Store that cost money on the App Store but there are more apps on the Apple App store in general. For music, that's a no two unless you download a third party application like Double Twist and use that to sync all your Itunes music to your phone and i still don't think that it would work that easily.

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  • 7 years ago

    android apps are only for android... iphone/ipod/ipad apps are only for them.... you can mix OS apps.... they are completely different languages (code).

    as for your music on itunes, get Doubletwist, an android app that syncs itunes to android.

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