Is it hard for an American student to get into Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland?

I have decided recently that I want to go to college out of country. I really want to experience the world and explore other cultures. Keeping that in mind I started researching and found out about TCD. Dublin seems to have the same type of weather we have in my area which is Great :D! Also trinity college is supposed to be very highly ranked in Ireland which is another plus. I am highly interested in this college, but not sure how to proceed. I want to major in library sciences, so is that an extremely competitive major to apply for? Will I have to go through a lot of legal stuff because I am not an Irish resident, and if so what should I look into to remedy the problem? The website for the college is a bit confusing so I couldn't find what I needed. Are there scholarships available for out of country students? Also back to the major bit, are there any classes I should make sure to take in high school that can help me with my major or even just help me to get admitted? Does trinity college have dorms like American colleges do? Last but not least, what is college life like at trinity? Does it meet expectations? Any information at all about trinity college would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    TCD is very highly ranked anywhere. But it is not like American colleges in that there aren't any of those fraternities or sororities, but there are college clubs, and yes there are dorms, but there's a very long waiting list for them, and many students simply seek accommodation in surrounding areas.

    Non-EU nationals have to pay full fees unless they get funding from somewhere, and I'm not sure about the scholarship situation, but here in Ireland you get in on academic merit, not sporting prowess.

    To get into TCD go to and start reading about how to apply to university in Ireland from abroad. You'd also better get studying - as more young people are going into education, the competition to get into places like TCD is getting fierce.

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    Trinity College Dublin Dorms

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    Trinity College is listed as no.67 in the top 400 world-wide universities here

    Their full list of courses is here There is nothing listed as library sciences, or for any librarian degree, but if you go through the list, you might find something close. shows their academic requirements, both for Irish Leaving Cert and UK GCSE A-levels, and it does not mention US high school results. However, reading the link will give you an idea of what you need to achieve at school first.

    All Irish universities and colleges reserve some places for overseas students, but non EU fees are high. You can see the TCD fees here Follow the links for Student Fees and then Course Fees. On the link quoted above, there is a further link for scholarship information. I didn't see anything there that might suit you. tells us

    Today Librarianship is a graduate profession. There is only one Department of Library and Information Studies in Ireland and this is located at University College Dublin. quotation

    Information and Library Studies

    Within the BA and BSocSc, Information and Library Studies may be taken as a major subject (30 credits) in combination with a minor (20 credits) in another subject. This is intended for students who wish to obtain an entry-level qualification in Information and Library Science that is recognised by the Library Association of Ireland (LAI).

    You can find out about UCD fees here

    Information about UCD scholarships for international students is here

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    You might get some help from

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