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Are you suppose to wear socks with Chuck Taylor Shoreline?

It seems weird to wear sneakers without socks, but these shoes don't look quite right with socks(ankle socks).


And can you wear them for gym class?

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  • 7 years ago
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    I have two concerns with the Chuck Taylor Shoreline sneakers / plimsolls for gym class. The are:

    1) How securely will they stay on your feet? Gym class can be very demanding upon your feet and thus your footwear.

    2) How much stability will they give your feet when making sharp or quick movement, such as jumping jacks, playing basketball, doing wind sprints, etc.

    I learned first hand the importance of having sneakers that provide:

    1) Comfort

    2) Stability

    3) A method to stay securely on your feet.

    When taking my freshman gym classes, I decided to wear my favor sneakers and sneakers I thought looked cool. Thus I chose the Mens/Boys Keds Surfer sneakers. The closest similar shoes sold today are the:

    1) Mens/Boys Keds Triumph

    2) Vans Era / #95

    3) Converse Skid Grip & Converse One Deck (CVO).

    While I enjoyed the looks, honestly, they didn't do at all well in class and caused problems in the short and long term. I found my feet sliding around inside the shoes and also had issues with them gripping the floor during many activities involving running and moving around quickly.

    After giving up on my favor sneakers / plimsolls, I wore Converse Chucks, Pro-Keds, and leather Puma sneakers. In the case of the canvas shoes (Chucks and Pro-Keds), I tried the low tops first and found my feet still sliding around inside the shoe. On the other hand, the high-top canvas version had enough lace area or maybe it was enough eyelets to hold my feet in place.

    As for the leather Puma trainers / sneakers, the low tops worked just fine. Why should the leather low tops work, but not the canvas low tops? Based upon my experience, I think it is because the canvas has more give during the workouts our coach / teacher gave us.

    I should not the leather Puma and the canvas sneakers ended up lasting about the same amount of time. Why? It was never the uppers that went first on my sneakers, ti was the soles. As you can't resole sneakers, the more expensive uppers don't equate to improved life of the shoe, unfortunately.

    Thus I can not recommend the Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline for gym class, as I don't think they would hold up under real life conditions. Examples of when they would fail, IMHO, are running, playing basketball, doing wind sprints, maybe jumping jacks, etc.

    You really should get at least two good pairs of leather cross training sneakers for gym class. The reason I say two pairs is so you can give each pair a rest between usage. Honestly, shoes need a period of time to recover!! Why? First for the benefit of your feet and their / your health. Two examples are: A) Sneakers need time to dry out! B) They need time for the insole to pop back into position. Both of these directly affect your health and how long the shoes will last. Two pairs worn by trading them off will last longer than two pairs bought and worn individually (e.g. consecutively).

    As for socks, I love wearing sneakers without socks both for looks and the feel. YET! You need socks for gym class!!! You need dry feet. You need stable feet. You need protection between your feet and the shoe during the activities you'll encounter during a workout.

    My normal recommendation is the no-show socks (at least one pair, if not two pairs). Doubling the pairs gives extra padding, comfort, ability to protect the shoe from sweat, etc. As I said my normal recommendation is no-show socks, but there is one case where taller socks (e.g. crew or knee high) make sense. When you can encounter cold temperatures and/or need protection from rocks, brush, etc, such as trail running.

    One last aspect of socks for gym class you need to consider is the cushioning level, in other words the amount of padding for your feet.

    Source(s): Personal experience and opinion after taking gym class in high school and college. Some websites:
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  • 7 years ago

    hell yeah, wear socks

    I would especially recommend you wear socks w/ sneakers to gym class.

    you will regret it latter if you don't wear socks

    Just wear 2 pair. first a pair of white athletic cotton socks

    then a pair of novelty socks for the world to see

    (ALL socks should be Crew or longer)

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  • 7 years ago

    You really do not need socks in those sneakers.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    wear boat socks. you can find them at Journeys or Marshall's cheap. or at shoe stores. they are thinner and go around the back of your heel to right above the start of your toes. they're comfy too!

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