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Best Stretch Mark Cream on the market - Which is the best Stretch Mark Cream available these days?

What is the best stretch mark cream available? I tried a drugstore brand but it left me with horrible burns on my legs that took a long time to heal. My skin is pretty sensitive but I don't want to take any more chances and I'm willing to spend money on a cream that will work. What is the best stretch mark cream for me?

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    I am so sorry that happened to you! I have sensitive skin too (I was diagnosed with skin cancer as a child) and is the only cream that has worked for me. It's fully lab tested and you can return it for a full refund if you aren't happy. I didn't need to: it really is the best stretch mark cream I've tried and the only one that completely got rid of mine :)

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    It Works Stretch Mark Reviews

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    I read many reviews about different stretch marks cream but there are very few creams available in the market that lived up to its claim. Here are few creams that are found to be more effective than many others, which include Skinplexin, Elastin 3, Skinception & Bio Oil. But out of these I recommend Skinplexin, I personally inspect this cream and I found it to be more beneficial and worthy when it comes to reduce the appearance of any stretch marks. For more information about this cream, you can visit this url

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    i don't know a good one, but don't bother with Palmers' stretch mark cream with cocoa butter, vit e, etc... it doesn't work AT ALL. (i used it 2-3 x a day from 6wks, had stretch marks starting by 20 wks, and hadn't even gained any weight by then! now covered in stretch marks from naval down) i've not heard of anything that really does work, as stretch marks occur in the lower layers of skin where lotions don;t penetrate

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    Get rid of Stretch Marks?

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    Hi There,

    Before selecting any cream you need to first look for the ingredients used in it. There are various creams available in the market. So search for the online reviews present about the cream in the web.

    From there you will get a better idea about the cream.


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    You should consult with a dermatologist. If your skin is that sensitive you may have problems again which would be pretty miserable if you had spent over a hundred dollars for a bottle of "good stuff."

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    You must not use the cream directly, if you are little familiar with the ingredient used in cream, please check it before you buy.

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