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which month duration is best to go Canada and get your pilot training?

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    some time after you learn to speak english. your question makes very little sense.

    in much of canada flying in little planes is a summer-only thing. the main exceptions would be southwestern b.c. and southern ontario. even there, while the temperature may be agreeable, the clouds/rain may not be. in the winter we (here in b.c.) can go weeks at a time with the weather never getting above vfr minima.

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    June or July as these are the months with the longest days for day time flying and December and January as these are the shortest days for night flying.

    Of course you could always go to Yellowknife as there are a couple of months of daylight in the middle of summer and a couple of months of night in the winter.

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    Ya, you need to improve your English.

    Depends where you want to go in Canada. It's a pretty big place you know. One month may be great in one part and terrible in another.

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