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Michael Myers dreams?

For the past week I have had at least three or two dreams about Michael Myers. I the first one all I remember is trying to hide from Michael in this building, I think is a church. I end up outside next to some cops with their guns drawn. I see Michael walking fight in front of them with a cell phone, he is calling my cell phone to find me, but my phone doesnt ring. And the cops do nothing. He walks in between the cars but he cant find me. Next thing I know is I am running through the church and up some stairs. I end up on the roof of the building, when Michael gets there I jump off, then I wake up.

The second dream I am in a house with some other people and kids, I dont know them. But I see Michael and he is asking one of the girls if there are any animals, and she says no. But there are two Rotties, and I spend the rest of the dream protecting these dogs from Michael.

I do not know what these dreams are related to. I have been extremely depressed lately. But I am wondering why am I dreaming about Michael Myers and why so much in just a week? What do the dreams mean?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Are we talking Michael Myers the actor (Austin Powers) or Michael Myers from Halloween?

    I am going to assume the latter. Mike is the personification of eternal evil. We have run him over, burnt him, sent him plunging to his demise, but he comes back.

    Your depression is fueling this idea that you cannot escape you fate and that you will be destroyed with no one coming to your aid. What you need to do is get a handle on your depression and take charge of things. This should stop those dreams with him.

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