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Is it possible to send backup online from one mac to another ?

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    recommend Sugarsync. It is best backup provider that will send backup online from one mac to another. See how.

    SugarSync is a Cloud storage application that lets you share and store file across multiple computers, hand held devices, and even online. SugarSync's compatibility to multiple operating systems is what makes SugarSync a distinct and the most widely used storage solution.

    As Mac is considered as a versatile business computing machine, SugarSync for Mac allows users to readily share and store files from their Mac computers. SugarSync for Mac allows users to define the files they want to save online and then through the highly functional console present in the desktop application, it places the data in exceptional cloud environment.

    In addition SugarSync Mac also allows users to synchronize their files across multiple devices, however, it does not show how much time will it take for a file to sync.. Users can use the advanced synchronization ability via the desktop application or through the web application that SugarSync maintains online.

    SugarSync for Mac also allows users to share their data with multiple users. Not only can Mac users share the data with other Mac users but they can also let users from other devices access the data through public and private compartments on their Cloud storage.

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