Does a parent have any legal control over a 16 year old in Australia?

My sister is a single parent in Australia and currently her 16 year old daughter is giving her grief, as young girls her age do.

At present, my niece has a boyfriend and she is becoming out of control since they been together. She is now going out whenever she likes, coming home whenever she likes, because she knows now that she is 16, she has the law on her side and my sister cannot stop her.

Although she is 16, she is still under the full care of my sister. I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice on any legal rights my sister might have that might help her control her out of control teenager? From what I can see, there is not much she can do about her legally other than just let her run a riot and do whatever she likes.

Thank you in advance

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    A parent has full legal control over a 16 year old here in Australia, as mentioned above, the only thing she can do legally is obtain her L's and have sex. She can't move out as she is not old enough to sign legal documents.

    Until she is 18, she is under full consent of her mother.

    But in this case, I don't know if there is anything your sister can legally do to control her behaviour.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Fellow Aussie :)
  • i also live in Australia.

    at 16 she is at age of consent, but still legally a child. she is allowed to have sex and get her L's. i think at 16 she can move out, but im not entirly sure.

    i would make her get a job or put some money into the house if she wants to stay.

    Source(s): meeee
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