My mind often scrambles words, do I have a learning disability?

This is an issue I commenced experiencing around my late-teens, up until my now (22). Every now and then, when I am reading a paragraph, and browse through words that I have been acquainted with for years, my mind "scrambles" them up, and for a second I have to go back and re-read the word that threw me completely off track. It can be any word, even one as simple as espresso.

At times, I also feel as if I am in a hurry to read anything that is presented to me, it feels like an impulse, and then at the end I cannot recall in detail the subject I just finished reading about. Another issue is the way I verbally communicate. I know what word I want to use, but when I speak it, my phonetics sound like gibberish, despite me JUST having recited the word in my mind. I had no issues with language at all until around the time I turned 18. It's very debilitating and I don't know what is happening to me. I was diagnosed with BPD a couple of years back, could this be a symptom of that or might I just have some sort of mental disability that suddenly presented itself?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Have you done any drugs that could have done brain damage?

    The only mental illness that really shows up late is schizophrenia, so it needs to be considered. Are you experiencing any symptoms of schizo-affective disorder such as logical thought problems, paranoia, delusions or hallucinations? Bi-polar, in its mental illness form, also can cause problems with disorganized speech, recall issues and both schizophrenia and bi-polar can cause ifficulties attending to and processing of information, understanding the environment, and remembering simple tasks.

    I wouldn't pass this off as nothing, if I were you. See if you can be examined by a psychiatrist. There are medications that really help relieve symptoms and also, it may relieve you, if he or she finds that there is little or no problems.

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    7 years ago

    It's seems strange that something like that would turn up so late. I would think that it should of happened when you were younger. Maybe if you can ask someone if you had trouble with that kind of stuff when you were younger? It may not of been that bad, but still was there? But I'm not sure if it's normal to scramble up word sometimes because I may be dyslexic, so I do that too sometimes. Have you did any reasearch on dyslexia or anything sort of like dyslexia? But the main thing you should ask yourself is, 'is it interfearing with my everyday life that much that I should look into it?'. Maybe you are in a hurry from something that had happened a while back, like a test that was not timed for long enough or anything like that? It depends on what you mean by 'your phonetics sounding like jibberish'. I hope this helped, then again im only 13 :)

    Good Luck!

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