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How does airport security deal with body jewelry?

So I got my belly button pierced a few years back (legally, I might add, which is unusual for people who live in my area), and I don't have any belly button rings made of plastic (they do make those, for those of you who aren't aware). I'm going out to visit my family in California in a few weeks. I recently turned eighteen and this will be my first time riding an air plane by myself. I'm not nervous about the flight itself, but rather about all the security I'm going to have to get through (also, navigating my way through the airport; that'll be a nightmare). A big concern of mine is that I know you have to take off jewelry so that it can be put in the scanner. I won't wear a lot of jewelry, of course, but I can't take my belly button ring out for a very long time at all (I wouldn't risk it for more than thirty minutes) or else it'll close up. So I'm just wondering, will I have to take it off? How does airport security handle body jewelry that is covered by clothing?

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    Piercings contain less metal than a lot of eyeglass frames, zippers on pants, buttons, rivets and so on.

    IF you go through a metal detector it is very unlikely that anything will happen. If there is an alarm, then they will use the hand held wand. It will beep over that item, you can lift your shirt to show them and they will let you go on through. You are only 1 of <<thousands>> of people who have piercings, and a belly button ring is so much less of a problem than some places people get pierced..... TSA people see this all the time. It will not be a big issue, and that is only if it causes an alarm in the first place.

    IF you go through a body image scanner, then that may show up as an anomaly on the surface of your skin. In that case, a TSA officer of the same sex could do a pat down to feel that ring, or you could lift your shirt to show it to them. I am not certain what they would prefer. I do know that those scanners are very sensitive. Last time I flew, and the first time I went through the scanner not a metal detector, they had me empty my pockets because I had a handkerchief in one and some tissues in the other, which must have been enough to signal an alert.

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    Now a days you don't have to take any jewelry off at all. if you have a larger necklace on they will ask you to turn it backwards when you go through the body scanner. You will have no problems you won't have to take any of it off or lift up your shirt. I travel several times a year and I wear all my jewelry including my large watch , two large rings a necklace and bellybutton ring and earrings. I have never been asked to take any of it off. If you happen to go to and airport that has not been totally updated using only body scanners just make sure you go through the line with the body scanner and not the metal detector.

    Even if you go through the metal detector you won't have an issue I have had my belly button ring in for over 15 years and the metal detector has never went off.

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    Metal body piercings may cause an alarm at the metal detector, resulting in additional screening. You may be asked to remove your body piercing in private as an alternative to the pat-down search.

    You could get a plastic one for the purpose of going past the security screen.

    You can make your trip past the security line easy or hard. You can take it OFF for the few minutes needed for the screening or give yourself extra headaches.

    The more BLING you have on the longer it takes. You DO NOT have to remove it. You may get additional screening. If it cannot be resolved you do not get on the plane.

    Covered by clothing does not matter. If it sets of the detector they investigate.

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    No, you don't have to take off all jewelry. I have been married for 23 years, flown well over a million miles in that time, and never removed my wedding ring to go through security. For longer than that I've had an earring, and never removed that, either. For mor than half of that time I've had two earrings. Never removed them. For most if that tine I've worn metal-framed eyeglasses. Never removed them. And none of them have ever set off the metal detectors.

    Unless you're sporting sone massive hardware, it's unlikely to set anything off. And if it does, no big deal. They've seen it all before

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