1993 oldsmobile cutlass supreme 3.1 mfi HELP PLEASE?

Seeking help with my 1993 oldsmobile cutlass supreme 3.1 mfi i bought it out craihslist and had the crankshaft and computer replaced this year i starting notice the dying out again except this time i notice when i cut my lights or air on it would start draining the battery friends and autozone said replace alternator so we replace that ( i also put in a duralast gold battery and duralast alter nator now whata happening is my tempature or fuse icon ( measure from 100-280 ) is in the red on 280 i pulled over car starts smoking my check guage light is on and also my friend was drunk and added oil to the engine one night it was the correct oil but i head mixing old and new oil is bad where do i go from here to get that icon back to normal and have a good running car

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  • 7 years ago
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    another lame and incorrect answer from "Humveetech" ----- i can see how he got to level 7 now

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    Mixing old and new oil doesn't hurt anything. It just means you still need to do a full oil change when the oldest oil in the engine is due for it. The addition of new oil doesn't change when it's due.

    I don't think you meant to say that you replaced the crankshaft. Probably the crankshaft position sensor.

    What problem are you trying to fix? That single sentence you wrote is rambling and confusing. Clearer writing would make this easier. If you're old enough to drive you're old enough to write better than this. Sorry to sound insulting but when I see a question like this, I feel like it deserves it.

    Overheating ruins older cars. Resolve not to ever let it get that hot again. Hopefully there wasn't serious damage done already.

    You need to narrow down what's causing it to run hot. Make sure the fan works. Make sure the coolant level is correct, if you're losing any, figure out why. If it leaks, it probably only leaks under pressure when it's hot, so you might need to let it idle while you look. Coolant loss and fan are probably the 2 most common cooling issues in my opinion. But lots of things could be wrong.

    If you don't know much about automotive cooling systems then do some research on that and learn more about how they work. Understanding the system allows you to intelligently diagnose cooling problems, and not just replace random parts out of desperation. It's a very important system to be able to maintain on an older car. Without a good cooling system your car will not live long, and it's a system that's prone to failures as a car ages.

    If you're needing to add oil, then make sure you're checking it consistently. That's another thing that kills older cars.

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    HUH!!! Sure id some jumbled sentences there. Does make it easier for us to read if you write it better.

    Who ever told you that mixing old oil with new is a bad thing is a idiot. WHY do you think all owners manual in every carline tells you to CHECK THE OIL LEVEL at every fill up with fuel & add accordingly????

    If your temp gauge is in the red, I suggest you figure out why the car is overheating. Any leaks?? Head Gaskets leaking?? Cooling Fans come on? I would say any GM dealership would be a good idea but on that old of a car, I suggest you take it to the nearest repair shop & let them look at it.

    Your Check Gauge Light is on because the car is trying to tell you to look at the pegged out temp gauge which means the engine may be shot

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