African Clawed Frog or African Dwarf Frog??? HELP!!?

I bought three of what I think are African Dwarf Frogs, but I think I'm confused?

The price sticker called them African Dwarf Frogs, but the label on the tank at the petstore said African Clawed Frog. I can't tell if the label was just wrong or if they really are African Clawed Frogs. They are about EXACTLY the same size as what I would expect from ADFs. They're only about an inch and a half long and only have tiny, blunt toenails. Is there any other visible difference between ADFs and ACFs other than their size? Please help!

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    7 years ago
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    African Dwarf Frogs have webbed front feet, African Clawed Frogs do not. =) When they're young, that's probably the best way to tell, aside from Calwed frogs being just bigger bodied in almost every way. If you got clawed frogs, you will need BIG tanks for three of them, a nice 30-50 gallon tank, they get big and aggressive, they like 10-15(15 or more is better) gallons per for themselves at the minimum, and have NO recommended tankmates as they can eat them or will just kill them if they can't.

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