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How can I start becoming an actor for films and movies?

I know that first you need to be in a big city like LA or NY, but I live in LA so I dont have to worry about that. But how do I find out about auditions for movies and stuff? I know that you need an agent to find out about important auditions...but how do I get an agent? I don't know how to start auditioning for local plays or independent films... I need to gain some experience to get an agent. I just need to know the specific steps into the acting business. I know its hard work, but I am willing to do it. My questions are: How do I get into independant films or local plays? How do I get an agent? How do I find auditions for being an extra or something in a movie? How do I get into a union (whatever that means)? Just need some help on how this all works cuz if you go on wikipedia and look up Brad Pitt's biography for example, it says he moved to LA to become an actor after college. Then it says he suddenly become an extra in two or three movies and then got bigger and bigger and did he get into those did he find the auditions when he didn't have an agent... I just need to know the steps PLEASE

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    Go to college and do Drama.

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    Yeah go to college and do drama but there's actually another way.

    Two options.

    First, there's these contests where you win studio tour tickets and that's where you begin. First step in this option is of course, WIN. Make that an objective. Then, when you win, introduce yourself to some directors and get some people from your family to complement you on your skills. Do everything to make that director impressed. Make him decide that you should be an extra on a movie and then bigger and bigger, like what you said.

    Second, there's also these ads on TV where you just have to find the studio (or look it up in the internet) and go there. Apply to be an actor.

    Easy? Nah, but it's possible.

    Source(s): TV advertisements and some contests for studio tour tickets.
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    First, you need to be a sturdy actor.... 2d, attend a school that enables construct on appearing expertise. this may boost your information, and in the journey that they experience you're accomplishing, they could help patch you by using to the right human beings and get you jobs. 0.33, you'll want an agent, modeling portfolio, and easily attempt to placed your self obtainable through the list of video information superhighway hosting information superhighway sites and o forth. some are fortunate, yet you do not basically garner success through doing the minimum.

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