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iam looking for a watch/guard dog.?

Which breed would you choose?Hovawart,Appenzell swiss dog or Slovensky kopov.Thank you

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    This is a breed of considerable antiquity: records of dogs of this type date as far back as the 1200s and the breed has been known for many centuries as a guard dog, mainly of the farmyard. After a blank period in its history, it re-emerged in the early 1900s thanks to the efforts of a Kurt Konig. There was some debate as to whether the breed had been truly resurrected or whether it was in fact a re-invented breed. However, it is generally thought that dogs of the old-type Hovawart had survived in isolated farm and rural areas and that these were the basis of today’s breed, which was recognised by the German Kennel Club in 1937. Only seen in the UK in recent decades, the Hovawart is now emerging as a truly recognisable breed here, although the variation of colour permitted by the breed standard means that, at first glance, he can be difficult to distinguish from several other breeds to which he bears considerable resemblance.

    A practical dog as well as an attractive one, the Hovawart is an intelligent, trainable breed, with a good nose and an ability to hunt. He makes a good, companionable house-dog who is not hard to feed and whose coat is relatively easy to keep tidy.

    Appenzeller Mt. Dog :is one of four Swiss Sennenhunde. It is medium sized, weighing 55-70 lbs.,24 inches tall. Originally bred for herding cattle in the Switzerland. They still retain their working abilities and may not be suited for everyone's lifestyle. This intelligent breed easily learns social skills and obedience. They are good natured active herding dogs which require regular exercise. They will excel in herding and agility events. It is important if you are interested in Appenzellers that you become aquatinted with them, and or other herding breeds

    Slovensky Kopov:To good watchdog, guard, shepherd and companion, the dog proved itself also in watching cattle, turkeys, and to other domestic animals - ace well ace its master's household. Holiday makers and visitors to the mountains and spas took to this breed and began to carry it to the lowlands.

    I would lean more towards the Hovawart as a guard dog but they would all make good guard dogs if trained properly.

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    Hovawart dog :- watch dog

    Slovenský kopov :- is hunting dog bred for boar hunting.

    Appenzell swiss dog :- working dog

    Source(s): go for Hovawant dog or Slovenský kopov
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    appenzell swiss dog

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    German Shepherds are great guard dogs, great with kids/family, and extremely smart.

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    dobermans, rottweilers, german sheperds, go to :

    it works!

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