What cars are similar to an Austin Healy?

Looking to buy an older car 1960-1970's. I live Austin healeys or triumph spitfires. I also love the way a fiat spyder looks but ive heard bad things about them..What other vehicles from that decade are similar? I'm looking for something around 6k or under. Thanks!!

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  • 7 years ago
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    There was a Austin Healy kit car a few years back, but it was one of the upper line models (3000) and they are not in your price range.

    If you like the looks and that is what you are shopping for, then it is either accept the problems that come with cars of this era or change your tastes.

    I drove Triumphs (TR4 model) and now I own a Miata. All the fun with none of the headaches. But I buy for the handling and not the looks. Not that a Miata looks that bad. But I hate the head lights on all of them. I own a NA and while I the pop-ups. However the looks of the ones with out are even less attractive.

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  • JetDoc
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    7 years ago

    Austin Healey had two different models back in the 60's... The Sprite, which was a tiny little car with a four cylinder engine and was equal to the MG Midget or the Triumph Spitfire.

    The Austin Healey 3000 was a larger car with a 6-cylinder engine and comparable to the MG-B, the Triumph TR-4, or the occasional Jaguar XJ.

    Good luck finding ANY of these in serviceable condition under 6K. They all had problems with rust and weren't really that good for performance either.

    If you really want a nice, reliable 2-seater roadster, I'd look for something a bit more modern like a Saturn Sky/Opel GT or even a Mazda Miata.

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  • Dan
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    7 years ago

    The Holy Grail is the Aston Cooper ACE, it was the base of Ford's Cobra.

    The Alpine Tiger.

    MG's are common.

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