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Why is the volume on my Emerson flat screen TV not working and how could i fix it?

Ok so my grandparents had this little 30 inch flat screen and somehow or another they broke the volume. It has no remote. When ever you press the up or down volume button the volume goes up until it's maximum as long as you keep holding it. But as soon as you let go it slowly goes all the way back to zero. I found that the cable remote that was once connected to it if you pressed the volume on it the volume would just freeze at whatever it was as long as you held it but that ran down the batteries fast. So is there a way to fix it or do I need to buy some speakers that hook up to it or what idk. Please only serious answers.

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    Adding additional speakers won't help unless they come with an amplifier. If the TV doesn't have a speaker/sound out connection you will have additional problems. You have only a few choices and they will all cost you money that might be construed as wasteful spending. First, it would seem that the available remote you describe is interconnected with a bad circuit board that completely controls the volume which might mean that replacing that board might solve the problem. So you might want to consider having the problem component replaced by a professional. Examine the cost of such a venture (parts and labor) with a qualified technician. (Some of these folks will do diagnostic work for free.) Last, and maybe the smartest move, is to throw the Emerson TV away and buy a new one. One of my neighbors bought a new 32" LCD TV from Best Buy last weekend and it cost him less than $200, tax included. A third possibility is to buy a used TV. To save money you might want to look for either a little used floor model or maybe a TV that has been returned for other than technical reasons. Key in on major TV retailers (i.e. Best Buy).

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    Emerson Tv Troubleshooting Flat Screen

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    My Emerson 32 inch does similar things, volume just goes to 0-100 and stays there. Its not the remote, as some suggest. Ive researched high and low and it looks like many folks have the same problem. Truthfully, its looking like a new TV. Even if you get the part cheap off of ebay, the TV reliability is pretty low. Gotta write this one off. Even my 70 in Vizio just crapped out, but it was covered by insurance. Sad state of affairs with TVs these days.

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    I have a small Emerson and just really pressed hard on the volume and it started working

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    Why would anyone buy an Emerson TV in the first place? You're gonna have to buy some external speakers or use headphones.

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