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iPod Touch White Screen?

In January of 2013 I bought an iPod Touch 4th generation 8GB. Around February 25th, I dropped the iPod on tile flooring, and broke the bottom part of the screen's LCD. I bought a replacement LCD Digitizer off eBay, and fixed it, and it worked perfectly. In late May, I was running with my headphones in, and the iPod flew out of my pocket, on the road, cracked the screen, and wouldn't turn on, but still played my music until I let the battery drain. I took the cracked LCD Digitizer off, and threw it away. Since then, I kept plugging my iPod in to the computer via the charger/sync cable. It was recognized on iTunes with all my data. It even charged a full battery. Today, a new LCD Digitzer came in the mail that I ordered off of eBay. I connected it and everything, charged my iPod to a full charge (as this time it was still recognized on iTunes). I pushed the home button and the screen lit up, but it was a plain white screen. I searched this online and it said to turn your iPod off. I can't do that because my power button does not work. Another method said to restore your iPod via iTunes. I did that and it still didn't work. What should I do ?

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    If you are getting a white screen, you may have messed up not just the screen, but also the digital screen part where the pictures are displayed. Touch screens have different layers. The screen, the touch sensitive layer, and the digital part.. I'm not sure on the actual names of all of them, but i have went through enough touch screen items by breaking the screens in different layers to figure that out.. lol. but if you did break it down to the digital part... it's basically beyond repair. I would take it in to a Tech store and let them look at it.

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