Should I keep my Xbox 360 or sell it?

I like to play video games and I'm gonna want to keep playing it for the next 4-5 years probably and I'm just afraid that they are going to stop making Xbox 360 games and just make Xbox one games. and since I've ruled out getting Xbox one (too expensive overall) i was wondering if I should keep my Xbox 360 or sell all my Xbox stuff and buy ps4. give me some advice and explain thanks!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Advantages to your plan

    1) You will avoid the screwing Microsoft will give gamers foolish enough to believe that their DRM reversal is sincere. They will unpatch it and turn it on again.

    2) By supporting PS4 or the Wii U you are helping the video games industry by showing Microsoft they can insert their lies BS and indeed the X1 up their backside.

    3) you are making the right decision PS4 is cheaper more powerful and doesn't have the same tired franchises like Halo and Gears.

    4) Sonys customer service blows microsoft out of the water.

    @Penuts I've owned a game gear mega drive PS1 PS2 N64 Gamecube gameboy advance, Sega Dreamcast, 3DS and XBOX 360 for 6 years. Why do I say that because look at my list. You got Sony, Nintendo,Sega and Microsoft. The previous three never tried to screw gamers over like Microsoft tried to do. Microsoft never listened to gamers right up until E3 it was Sony kicking microsofts butts that made them listen. You see poor console planning hurts the business as a whole the Dreamcast failed because of this. Microsoft were stupid enough not to listen to gamers and still went ahead anyway in order to stop DRM and to protect gamers choices rights and so on, which Microsoft attacked they must be made an example of otherwise other companies follow suit and that limits gamers options. Microsoft invested a lot of money in their original plan. I doubt very much they will let it go just like that they'll wait till gamers invest and try again or do it slowly. While I'll never trust them again do I want xbox gone no. Why because compitition is what strenghtens the business innovation occurs through it by showing microsoft who the boss is this way they give us something better from them who knows they may genuinly respect gamers next time. You can disagree whatever I don't really care dealt with every major console manufacturer for the last 20 years I've seen good and bad service Sony was the best. You see mr peanut all you've done is insult oh by the way the games Microsoft were running at E3 were on PCs with graphics cards three times more powerful than the X1. What you saw wasn't the console. Sony ran their games on guess what PS4 verify for yourself. Oh on DRM your fanboys are trying to get it switched on again don't question my knowledge again I clearly outgun an idiot like you good luck with your fanboys trying to bury their own console, prehaps you're one of them you can laugh now if you wish dick head you wanna hear another one PS4 is winning fact

    One final thing I forgot your consoles hard drive can't be removed its 500 gb for a console that needs to install games. How long do you think that will last? If the hard drive dies guess what you lose the machine it dies with it. The PS4 has a removable hard drive 500 gb it can replaced upgraded whatever the user wants


    1) no backwards compatibility on new consoles but if you select PS4 that won't matter.

    Source(s): Angry XBOX owner moving back to Sony 20 year gamer
  • 4 years ago

    Dude in the adventure that your a fellow shooter then get a ideal spec pc or improve your modern one. you may get gameing pc's low fee as time is going on, additionally no want for a hdtv because of the fact almost certianly the moniter would be hd in case you purchase it new. If procuring a pc isn't a decision then purchase the ps3. If all you do is play capturing video games like cod4 which i presume you play on line then you definitely are greater useful off with a ps3 wich would be greater much less costly in the long term era as you do not ought to pay for on line good factors

  • 8 years ago

    Look at Lone Wolf!

    20 year gamer?

    MY AS$!

    They're not actually changing the policy back?

    Why the f*ck would they say that then?

    Tired franchises like Halo and Gears?

    Those aren't the only games, you idiot

    Sony's customer service blows Microsoft out of the water?*cking...hard when you said that

    Lone Wolf is giving you bullsh*t

  • 8 years ago

    keep it until microsoft shuts down xbox live then sell it

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