I would like to know more about Stemcell research.?

It has always fascinated me with all it could potentially do, and lately I've heard reports of Stemcell therapy curing blindness, and curing some other things which at this moment I have forgotten.

What other things can it do for us, where to the possibilities stop, or do they stop at all?

Now that they can make stemcells without using the old method, how long until stemcell therapy becomes a normal thing?

Is it even possible that it could extend life, regrow lost limbs, or cure un-curable ailments?

I'd very much appreciate an answer from someone well learned in this field.

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  • 7 years ago
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    The new stem cell culturing makes it potentially more ethical for us to make mass cells from the fusion of an enucleated somatic cell and the nucleus of another.

    Some stem cell therapies that actually have been permitted in the US are blood marrow tranfusions, for the treatment of leukemia.

    Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other brain-related ailments can IN THEORY be cured via stem cell therapy because new and healthy stem cells can reproduce and proliferate in place of the dead neurons in the brain.

    If you google 'stem cell therapy', a lot more will come up. Also, reading up on ethical issues of stem cell therapy (yes, even the new method) may interest you! It's amazing how theology can persist and try to argue against science - very human-like in my opinion.

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