She doesn't know this, should I tell her?

I like this girl that I met last semester in uni. I've never had a girlfriend before. I've only had a thing with girls but we never get to the point where we actually have a relationship cause something always happens. I haven't even had that many sexual partners and I've never had oral sex with another woman. She has. She told me there was a time when she'd have sex with a different woman every night. I'm insecure about whether I can please her in bed, we haven't had sex yet. I'm scared I won't be enough for her. Can anybody gimme tips? Should I tell her this? Cause I don't want her thinking less of me.

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    A relationship that is going to work grows - it doesn't just arrive suddenly in a mature form. There is a lot of getting to know people and learning about them.

    Sex is simply another part of that earning process.

    Now we don't expect people to automatically know about other relationship aspects (if someone does, then you know the relationship isn't going anywhere). The same things applies to sex - people need to learn about it, and more importantly, they need to learn about it in relationship to their partner. There is no absolute "right or wrong" way to do things, nor does everyone like the same things. Achieving a good sex life with a partner takes time, It isn't going to happen on the first night.

    You might want to consider that having sex with a lot of different people doesn't automatically make someone good at it (in fact many people who have a lot of very casual relationships are dreadful in bed because they have never needed to learn to please other people properly). And I am always wary of people who show-off about how many partners they have had, they just sound insecure.

    Tell your girlfriend.

    Firstly, inexperience is pretty noticeable so you are better off telling her than not. Secondly, relationships need trust. If she isn't going to be loving and supportive about this then perhaps you need to be rethinking things. Thirdly, sex is a team game not an individual one, you both need to work together.

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