why did france did not want belgium to recieve alot of attention during the paris peace conference?

after ww 1

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    7 years ago
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    Could you provide some context to where you heard or read this?

    I have studied the Paris Peace Conference and the Treaty of Versailles and I have not really seen this accusation. Every country who had been at war with Germany sent delegations. While the Big Three/Four (the British, French, and Americans with the Italians in and out) made the major decisions largely regardless of the others, the other delegations formed committees that formed the vast majority of the treaty. During the peace conference, Belgian troops had - along with the other allies occupied the Rhineland to ensure Germany would sign. Following the peace conference, the Belgians had an occupation zone and took part in the brief occupation of the Ruhr with the French. They also received reparation payments.

    So they were an integral part of the peace process and beyond, so I would love to know about the context of your question.

  • 7 years ago

    Would you give a country which army has settled in a quiet zone during the war, was purposely kept small by it's HQ, so small in fact many of the young men wandering the streets of Paris were Belgian refugees, had refused until 1918 to participate in any attack, despite the pressure on the other armies (the seize of the army was the main argument), a lot of rewards? The French granted Belgium that economically it was sucked completely dry by the Germans, but Belgian policies during the war, when it behaved as a neutral state defending it's neutrality, rather than an ally of the Allies, and secret peace talks with austria-hungary and Germany, blew Belgian chances for great rewards.

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    France wanted to portary itself as the major victim of German aggression in WW1.

    This meant playing down the effects on Belgium of the German invasion of 1914,and subsequent occupation of most of Belgium by the Germans for the rest of the war.

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