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Navy dress, nude pumps and clutch- what colour nails?

I'm wearing a navy dress tonight with nude pumps and a nude clutch. What colour should I do my nails? I wasn't sure whether to do them a bright colour like pink for a splash of colour, or to do them nude, navy..?

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    I say red or coral. something bright since nude is neutral and navy is a deep, i think red would give it a cute nautical look. or just for a splash of color.

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    I would definitely do bright pink (or even orange) I've done that and it looks great. Nude wouldn't look bad, but if you want to look a little more fun I would do a brighter color.

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    continually choose for a formidable shade. in case you set on in basic terms neutrals like black, white, tan, and gray, the outfit is great uninteresting, yet once you upload some shade it is going to wake issues up lots. i'm thinking a depressing blue, Lavender, pink even, you do not want to get to mad although, like donning orange or something... this is a splash waay to lots shade. was hoping I helped!

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  • 7 years ago

    Red, orange or coral it will liven up your entire outfit :) Sounds lovely though.

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