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Tim Duncan vs Karl Malone, who's the better PF?

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    Tim Duncan easily. Karl Malone may be the best scoring PF ever but scoring isn't the only aspect of the game. Tim Duncan was/is a complete PF. He plays on both ends of the floor, offense and defense. Karl Malone is average at best on defense, nothing special. Duncan on the other hand is a great defender. He blocks shots, plays great post defense, alters shots, etc. Malone really didn't do much of that. Plus offensively, Tim Duncan is great to. He's a great post player and has developed into a great face up shooter. Duncan is also one of the best passing big men and can really pull off some tricky passes.

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    Tim Duncan.

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    If you want an unstoppable offensive scoring machine and passer, you take Malone. but Duncan has the more well rounded game because of his ability to anchor a defense. Malone always had big centers to help him do the dirty work down low.

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    Duncan, has more rings. Better overall power foward than Karl. Better defense than Karl, and can pass better.

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  • 7 years ago

    Duncan has rings.

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