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Where can I buy serious stretched canvases for acrylic painting?

I went to some place called Hobby Lobby for stretched canvases with a 1 inch raise thickness. I could barely find one that was assembled straight. I lay them on the floor and gently press the corners to see if they're all flat on the ground. There's always a corner or two that is bend up. Pressing on them makes the whole canvas rock or stumble like a table with one short leg.

I went to Aaron Brothers thinking it's a more serious art place. Same thing. Couldn't find any straight canvases there. I went to Michaels. Same thing. Some brand called Artists Loft. I managed to find one and bought it. After I finished a painting with it, I went again to find another. Couldn't find a good one.

I realize some things like heavy painting or applying a hard gesso medium may warp a canvas and pull on the wood structure. But the canvases I saw were warped right in the store. And I'm not gonna use any techniques to try to straighten it when the cause wasn't even painting.

Where to serious acrylic painters buy stretched canvases with a more serious quality? Is there some art district in Los Angeles like the Fabric District? Is there some warehouse store only open to professionals and art school students?


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    youre not going to find good quality canvases at hobby lobby or michaels or stores like that you need to order online try dickblick.... and im sure you probably know this but linen is the best quality for a canvas which i dont think they sell at places like hobby lobby..

    you should get your supplies online.

    good luck.

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    Hobby Lobby has materials for assembling/stretching your own canvas.

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    Well if you go to Walmart you can certainly find some over stretched Denim...but I digress!

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