What new name can I name my book character?

I'm not really starting my story over, no matter how much I want to, until I finish my first draft but I want to make a couple of changes. I want Autumn to kind of switch best friends and I changed Natalie's name to Nikki. I want a name that doesn't start with an A because I fell like I have enough A names in my story (3 is enough, right). I also don't want any different names. I want kind of common names that go with the theme of winter and, if you can, give me a meaning or something. And I need a winter-y personality because I don't quite know how I want this new person to be.

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    I agree with the other comments about Jane and Natasha, but yes, I made some other names too. In different languages, yes, I will translate and tell you other things. Some seem boy-ish, I know, but I put them in the list anyway.

    I suppose Autumn is a girls name..

    / is alternate names related to the first name

    ^ different language


    Helado^ -means Icy in spanish.. / Helada^, Hela, Hielo, Hiela, Helae, Heather, Haley

    ~ PS. Helada means frost in spanish, Hielo means ice

    Glaciale^ -means Icy in french.. / Glace, Glacie, Grace, Gracie, Gwen, Gwenda


    English/ Made up jumbled letters that might sound good / sound like names

    Icelia, Icila, Elise, Elissa, Chloe, Holly, Polly, Wendy, Bella, Tris, Christina. Christine, Christin, Kristin, Kristine, Jean, Jaen, Naje, Sage, Paige, Lauren, Laura, Katniss, Primrose, Rasberry, Blackberry, Mistletoe, Thimble, Bris, Brynn, Lexi, Katelynn, Kate, Katie, Erin, Quill, Rue, Thyme, Basil, Basley, Balisa, Mary, Sarah, Zoe, Zoey, Trin, Trinity, Riley, Wenda, Thuana, Thessie, Bessie, Jessie, Beckie, Becka, Becca, Michelle, Vanity, Veronica, Ovy, Marley, Kayla, Mikayla, Mikki, Danny, Danielle, Samantha, Faith, Gratitude, Hailey, Joanne, Krissie, Corey, Chrissie, Emily, Molly, Hannah, Sara, Sophia, Sophie, Solana, Wanda, Crimson, Scarlett, Crystal, Icelyn, Blanca, Solana, Sandra, Cassandra, Cass, Victoria, Zoe, Zoey, Nevada^, Fernanda, Huckleberry, Berry, Cinnamon, Spice, Megan, Julia, Jules, Jordan, Chelsea, Lavender, Nina^, Nia, Mia, Sophia, Sophie, Solstice, Bell, Beja, Jade, Jadelyn, Isabella, Izzie, Carolina, Carrie, Ivy, Vine, Taylor, Flor, Flora, Rose, Tulip, Violet, Indigo, Blue, Bleu, Fawn, Faun, Gallie, Galey, Elizabeth, Hazel, Beatrice, Tris, Christine, Christina, Christin, Kristin, Kristine, Jali, Michelle, Shelly, Stella, Macy, Pepper, Sugar, Fresa, Fresca Fresana, Brianna, Bri, Madison, Maddie, Madi, Gabriella, Gabby, Chrismon, Burgundy, Gertitude, Gertude, Vanity, Jina, Jeanne.

    And thats about it. Yeah.

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    Madeline (Maddie)







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    Crystal, Snow White, Blanca spanish for white my mother is named after that

    Holly , Scarlet , Nicole , Olivia, Marie, Stella , Candace, Faith , Natasha

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    Jane like winter nothing fancy or to showy. kinda plain and simple. Not obnoxious but sweet and innocent

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    lacy- delacate and intricate like a snow flake- pale

    holly - thrives in the cold, colorful, but prickly( might be a red head with a temper but plays it cool most of the time)

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    wt abt natasha

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