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Do I have symptoms for leukemia?

I have had this symptoms on and off for a really long time but lately they are so strong on me.

- Fatigue, falling asleep

- Weakness, can not lift arms

- Bone and muscle pains

- Shortness of breath

- Unusually very pale

- Bruising very easily

- Bleeding gums

- Night sweats

- Loss of appetite

- High fever

- Always sick even in summer

- Swollen lymph nodes (my latest symptom that happened a month ago and is still on)

So I had this symptoms for a long time but never in my life I had suffered from these, they are so strong it starts to affect my life, I chose not to leave house because I am constantly tired and sick.

The last time I had blood tests was last december and they were ok, except I had very low lymphocytes and some other counts. This symptoms started getting severe after March - May.

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    A diagnosis of leukemia is made from current blood tests. Then there would also be a pathologist and an oncologist involved who both confirm this. You do not indicate that either has happened. You do not have a disease just because you have symptoms of something.

    So you choose to not leave your house? Well, that's not helpful. You believe you have a terrible disease but won't leave the house!

    Sounds more like you enjoy the drama.

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