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How do you get into Marine boot camp as a PFC?

This is a follow up to my previous question, where someone said to graduate boot camp as an LCpl, you have to be an honor recruit and a PFC

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    You can go in as a PFC based on education or recruiting referrals, I think Eagle Scouts will get you PFC going in. There are very few LCpls graduating from boot camp. You have to be a PFC going in and selected as honor Marine for your platoon.

    ** What Jane said is true. You are nothing when you go to boot camp. Your pay is for your pay grade at entry but everyone is treated as whale sh*t.

    It doesn't matter how many thumbs downs I get, facts are facts that can't be refuted in real life.

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    Have 2 years of college to be a PFC at the very beginning of boot camp, was that way in the US army.

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    For further clarification, you enter boot camp as a recruit. If you meet the requirements like the others told you, then you will be a PFC upon graduation instead of a PVT.

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    First off if you enter boot camp as a PFC and receive the honor grad while in boot camp, you getting LCpl is not guaranteed. Not every company will graduate an E3.

    You can advance only one rank before boot camp by: Having 15 approved college credits, doing two years of any JROTC program, being an Eagle Scout, getting two other poor saps to enlist at your station, by reaching a certain rank in the Young Marines, by reaching a certain rank in the Sea Cadets, and by being prior service.

    Source(s): More info for future Marines:
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    Have some college credits, I believe it is 15, or get some referrals, I believe it is 2.

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