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Can someone please explain this joke to me?

who does polyphemus hate more than odysseus?


I just saw it on tumblr and don't feel like asking my followers what it means because i'll probably look like an idiot, soooooooo. Yeah. Explain? :)

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    That's pretty clever.

    In "The Odyssey," the classic sequel to Homer's "Iliad," Odysseus goes through a lot of stuff trying to get home...

    One of these things is crashing on an island and being captured by a cyclops, who was going to eat him and his crew.

    The cyclops' name is Polyphemus.

    Odysseus gets the cyclops drunk, and Polyphemus asks Odysseus what his name is.

    Odyssesu says his name is, "Nobody."

    Odysseus blinds the cyclops while he's sleeping, and then convinces him that the prisoners are escaping through the cracks between the cave entrance and the huge boulder he uses as a door (the cyclops is very dumb).

    So Polyphemus opens his cave and shouts out to the other cyclops, "Help! Nobody is attacking me!" or some variation on that. Naturally, the other cyclops think he's still drunk or insane or whatever and do nothing. Odysseus and his men escape.

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    Polyphemus Odysseus

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