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How many atheist/agnostics have the boy scouts booted for being atheist/agnostic?

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    I don't know if there is any complete record on this. I know of two cases. Darell Lambert for one who was in the Scouts from the age of nine and kicked out as an Eagle Scout for being honest he had concluded he wasn't a believer. Twins William and Michael Randall were ousted when they wished to refrain from the god references in oaths. The Boy Scouts in the UK just recently decided to change this policy to allow atheists and agnostics. The U.S. still doesn't.

    While private clubs can set their own membership criteria they can't at the same time get programs funded with tax money, use public buildings for meetings, and get government endorsement and support if they discriminate in such ways as the Scouts. The Scouts do receive government support. If they wish to discriminate they should not receive these.


    Some of the support the BSA receives from the government are:

    The US Code authorizes the Secretary of Defense to lend supplies and equipment and transportation for Boy Scout events.

    All branches of the military issue a promotion (to E2 or E3) for

    Eagle Scouts, the highest Boy Scout rank. This constitutes

    discrimination in hiring by the military as well as government approval

    of the Boy Scouts' discriminatory policies.

    Equal Opportunity regulations in the military explicitly prohibit

    support of organizations that discriminate. Yet there is a close

    collaboration between the military and the Scouts. Department of Defense Instruction 1015.9

    directs the Secretary of the Army to the Executive Agent for all

    components of the DoD to promote scouting among military families as

    directed by the President.

    The U.S. President traditionally serves as the honorary President of

    the Boy Scouts of America, a tradition which President Obama has


    In early 2005, Congress passed a resolution expressing a sense of

    the Congress that the Department of Defense should support BSA

    activities through the use of military personnel, federal land use, and

    other assistance for their massive Jamborees. The 2005 Jamboree cost

    taxpayers approximately $8 million.

    In 2008, Congress voted to pass the "Boy Scouts of America

    Centennial Commemorative Coin Act" (H.R. 5872). The bill mandated that

    the U.S. Mint create and sell as many as 350,000 one dollar coins

    commemorating the Scouts' centennial in the year 2010. A ten dollar

    surcharge on each coin goes directly to the Boy Scouts of America, who

    will net as much as $3.5 million in the deal.

    "The Boy Scouts enjoy special privileges from the Department of

    Defense, including funding, facilities, organization, advertising, and

    incentives in hiring for their Eagle Scouts," said Jason Torpy,

    President of the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers. "

    The BSA should reject public promotions if they wish to operate as a

    private organization. If they wish to be quasi-government youth

    development agency, then the federal government should require they

    abandon discrimination based on belief and sexual orientation."

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    No idea. But as a *private* organization, they certainly have the right to set their own membership standards.

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