What is Nashville's weather like specifically?

I've been doing lots if research on Nashville, and we plan on moving in only a couple of weeks. I'm aware that the weather can get stormy and hot and humid. I really like storms, and cloudy skies. I don't really like the sun (personal preference), though I don't mind the heat if the skies are cloudy!

Could you please tell me if when it is hot if the skies are generally cloudy?

Though I have looked at several data climate summaries could you please tell me how many days a week in your opinion it is cloudy?

We are leaving from Ca. and I really cannot stand how hot and sunny it is everyday. For some reason I become really happy when it is darker outside.

Nashville has about 50 inches annually a year whereas San Jose has only 15 inches.

Please tell me what is your experience with the rain? Is it heavy and all at once? Is it consistent? And is it cloudy and rainy or sunny and rainy and cloudy all at the same time? Do you generally always need to have an umbrella handy?

I just love analyzing weather and want to know exactly how it is going to be!

Thanks for any information.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Honey, this is The South. The sun shines here ... a lot! While we may have 50 inches of rain a year, much of that comes in torrential downpours. We can have 2-4 inches in a day. Thus far in July, parts of Middle TN have had 10 inches of rain. Number of cloudy days a week ... 0.

    You are moving in a couple of weeks, so it really doesn't matter what the weather is here. You are going to have to live with it. We have four seasons, but winter is fairly mild. Spring and fall are usually beautiful. Summer is hot and humid and best spent in air conditioning. A lot of our weather comes up from the Gulf of Mexico which, of course, brings humidity. We live for the days that we get weather from the north.

    Hope you have a good move.

    Source(s): Middle TN resident
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