What kinds of evidence can I use in court in Washington state?

My boss has been paying me below 3.00 an hour while the minimum wage in Washington is over 9.00. 11 hour days, 6 days a week and lots of unpaid overtime.

I'm working on gathering proof to stabilize my case but she's been giving me personal checks for my paychecks so I don't have pay stubs. Also, we never wrote out a contract or wrote out a schedule. I know that is not good. She also never gave me a W2 so I know now that I owe the IRS. My ideas thus far are : my bank history (there's a pattern of 250.00 every week, personal checks from her, for a year.) And having customers be witnesses for my hours.

I'm feeling very alone in this and hate to be in this position, But she has been robbing me for a long time and it's not ok. I need to make this case as stable as possible.


@thegreatquizoo I am a us citizen born and raised in washington state. Are you sure I can get my unpaid wages that way in Washington? I've noticed that a lot of states differ.

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    Are you a citizen or a legal resident of the US, with a green card? If so, go to the Washington State Department of Labor. They will get your money for you, you do not have to do it personally

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    6 years ago

    sophisticated thing query on to google it may help

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