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Should Jay Park go back to 2PM?

I think it would be nice to see him perform on stage with Jo Kwon:) I never really saw 2PM when Jay Park was there. It would be great for fans like me even though Jay Park would probably want to focus on his own Career instead.

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    Hell no.. 2PM and JYP treated Jay so unfairly when he left. 2PM gave him the cold shoulder and JYP made out that Jay was the horrible one. No matter what he did, he didn't deserve that treatment. You look at other groups like Big Bang who have had their fair share of scandals, some worse than what Jay "did" and they stuck by each other. 2PM dropped Jay as soon as sh*t went down. Not to mention they teased him during their trainee days and after debut.

    I agree, I would love to see Jay and Jo Kwon do something together on stage, it would be hilarious~ Jo Kwon was always kind to Jay. There was a time when the 2PM members teased Jay for not being able to eat Korean food despite being Korean, Jo Kwon felt bad and went and bought Jay a cheese burger. They actually still see each other frequently.

    Jay is doing fine on his own, maybe even better than 2PM at the moment.

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    Nahh, he's better without 2PM making him insecure :/

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