Questions about growing Dread Locks?

So I am thinking about growing dread locks, I don't want them too long or anything maybe at most shoulder length but I have some questions about the actual process. For one how do I start and how much hair should I have grown prior to locking up my hair. I'm Puerto Rican so my hair is mostly very thick and curly. I also want to know how I can keep all the parts even and very neat. For the most part I want my dreads to stay very neat while I have them and what tools I would need for up keep. I was also wondering if anyone knows what kind of hair style this is ==>

Thank You in advance for anyone who can help me It's very much appreciated.

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  • Seryph
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    8 years ago
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    That hairstyle is a bad sims mod attempt at partially loose cornrows.

    Honestly true dreads aren't consistently neat, and by keeping them so you are actually damaging you hair and you will probably find you need to remove them after a year or so.

    Check out websites like Dreadlock Truth and the Dreadlocks Site for inspiration and tutorials.

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