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Taking pheasant to get blood tests so it can go to fair, how do i handle the pheasant?

I want to take my male ringneck to the fair. I have to take it to get a blood test. How can i handle the pheasant once he is out of his cage, so that i wont lose him?

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    Handling and catching

    Pheasants have to be handled many times for weighing, beak trimming and transferring to different housing facilities. Because they are very nervous birds, they should not be panicked. They have been known to fracture their heads or break their necks trying to escape from a disturbing situation. When caught, they must be handled carefully because their bones are brittle. When being held they try to get free, which can result in a leg being broken. To prevent this happening, they must be held the correct way — one correct way is to hold the pheasant by both legs, with the head and body tucked under the holder's arm.

    Pheasants can be caught with a net similar to a hand fishing net with a heavy gauge wide mesh. This can be placed over the bird to catch it without causing physical damage. Pheasants, when caught, should be placed in carrying cages covered with a hessian bag to prevent self-injury.

    You could also contact these people and see if they can give you some information.

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