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My dog has Parvo! Help please! :(?

A little over two weeks ago my brother found a little puppy on the street. We decided to keep it but now she's having problems.. I don't know if she's had any shots and I haven't took her to the vet yet. About 3 days ago she started throwing up, and wouldn't eat. I've looked on the symptoms of Parvo and she has most of them except for diarrhea. I've been told to give her Pedialyte and Gatorade, She's been on Pedialyte for a day now and i'm about to start her on the Gatorade. What she does is lay in a basket all day. She sometimes throws up some of the Pedialyte I give her, and she does drink water on her own. Though I have to force her to drink Pedialyte. She refuses to eat, and sometimes she starts shaking so I wrap her in a warm blanket.. I took her out of the basket today and she walked around for about 10 minutes. She even peed.. She's very skinny and I can see her ribs.. I don't know what else to do. I'm looking for somebody who has experience using Pedialyte and Gatorade on a dog with the Parvovirus. Will this help her? D:

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    Parvo treatment is way too expensive. Here is what you should do NOW before it too late

    Take your dog to vet and ask for shot ($40)to stop the throwing up. Your dog have 0 change to survive if it can't hold water and food.

    Pedialite is great, but ask the vet for IV fluid support, they give out free sometime but it's not that expensive. Also ask for antibiotic, you may find it in pet store sometime.

    Mix: puppy formula ($6 per can), baby cereal, cooked white eggs, puppy formula. You have to force feed the dog every hour, little amount at a time do it won't upset it's stomach; remember feeding water and pedialite, you can never give your dog enough water.

    Talk to the dog, pet it, dog will go to the quiet area and spacing out waiting for their final moment because of their instinct. DO NOT let that happen, talk to the dog to bring it back.

    Once again, feed your dog (use feeding tube) tiny amount every hour, and water, water, water.

    Tip: if you have chicken at home, make some chicken stock and feed it to the dog.

    Rmb water water, food and alot of love.

    Trust me it work, I saved my pomeranian from the no return point last week so I was there on your shoes.

    Email me if you need more help,

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    She needs the care of a vet. 5-20% surviaval rate without treatment from a vet. With a vet on IV and treatment survival rate is up to 90%.

    It can get be very pricey. $500-1200 for a vet to treat and keep her on IV for 3-5 days. This does NOT include overnight care. If she has to have overnight care as well, it could cost up to $3000-4000 total for 3-5 days.

    The shaking is her fever spiking. A fever spike is her body fighting the virus. You need to bleach everything you can. Especially anywhere she may have vomited or defecated. Quarantine her to one small area in the house or her kennel.

    At the very least take her to the vet. The vet can give the pup some initial treatment and nausea and anti-diarrhea medicine. If you can't afford hospitalizing her then...

    No need for Gatorade, just keep using Pedilayte (I used unflavored). You have to force her to eat. Buy high protein baby food or canned dog food. Mix it with the Pedialyte so it's watery enough to use a syringe to squirt it in her mouth.

    You need to feed her an ounce every hour. And give her as a 2 ounces of Pedialyte every 30 minutes.

    If she gets worse in the next couple of days without the care of a vet, putting her down may be the most humane thing to do.

    Source(s): I just saved an 9 month old puppy from Parvo. 2 days of hospitalization at the ER and 2 days of open-to-close care at the vet cost me around $3500.
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    You should have taken her to the vets immediately.

    What you're using won't cure Parvo-virus. The only thing that will have a chance of curing Parvo-virus is an experienced vet.

    With Parvo, there's no enough time to wonder whether you're doing the right thing - death can occur within a matter of days. Three days throwing up is a bad sign. If you want her to survive, take her to the vets straight away.

    P.S: I don't mean to sound nasty, I'm just trying to stress how important it is to get a Parvo puppy to a vet a.s.a.p as they can deteriorate quickly. Good luck - I hope she ends up well :-)

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    Parvo is a super serious issue and the pup needs to see a vet ASAP. Especially that young, it can unfortunately be very deadly and time and hydration is of the upmost essence. When you contact your vet or ER vet, make sure you tell them you suspect parvo as since it's VERY contagious, they will most likely have you enter in a different door or take special precautions so not to infect other people's dogs. Good luck!

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    Claire is right. Parvo is too deadly to play around with. Now the better news... Unless she is vomiting blood along with bloody diarrhea , it really doesn't sound like Parvo... Yet. Sounds more like severe parasite infestation.. Either way.. A vet visit is past due. Parvo is a matter of time if you don't get the pup vaccinated. .

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    You kept a dog that wasn't yours instead of surrendering it to a rescue or a shelter so its onwer could be found...............

    You never, ever force anything down a parvo puppies throat. EVER. You are on the fast track to killing this poor puppy. You HAVE to take it to a vet and have it quarantined so it can have 24\7 vet care but its expensive. Can't afford it? Then surrender it.

    you are going to kill this poor puppy with your neglect. It needs vet are and you shoudl have never kept a dog that wasn't yours to keep and never kept one you clearly wont vet

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    Well, Dr. Aimee, you may have misdiagnosed the whole thing.

    maybe it is time to take the dog to a real dog doctor.

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