please can u help me i wanna right a cute thing 2 my bf?

the other day my boyfriend said i love you and i said why and he was really cute and said all this stuff like cos ur beautiful ur amazing and everything and i have just said i love him and he has just said why and i dont know what 2 say and i wanna make it really cute and sweet so can some1 help me out on what 2 say please. thank you :) x

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  • 8 years ago
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    Men like to hear about their Masculinity, how you like the way he does things, compliment their style, appearances like smile, intelligence, and how he is the only one you want and there is no comparison!

    words - strong, hansom, smart, unique, etc

    how you like the way he does things - you just wrote about a pretty big one. Just let him know how stunned you are about him being so kind and well.. lovable.


  • 8 years ago

    maybe look at something on the net somebody else wrote, send him a card or something. use your own words and be expressive. tell him the things you like about him, how he dresses or whatever.

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