should i forgive my ex girlfriend?

we dated for nine months, after about 6 months or so i found out she was flirting with another guy over facebook for a few days 2 months into our relationship. She begged me to take her back and apologized sooo many times. i eventually forgave her but after that i felt like there was no trust, not to mention i do see guys names under her texts sometimes and i ask her about it, usually its not a big deal.. but anyway, we mutually broke up after 9 months, then we kinda stayed friends, it was weird. after a couple weeks we decided to hangout as friends and go see a movie, obviously things sparked again and we were talking again but we weren't back together, a week had passed of us talking and it was going great, i then found out (long story) that she had sent a nude picture to a guy she had known for only 2 days... i was furious, because i didnt know she was that kinda person, she's never done ANYTHING like that before, she tells me she regrets it more than anything and NEEDS me in her life, she was literally begging for forgiveness, the thing is idk if i can trust her again after she swears on anything that nothing like this will ever happen again..

PLEASE i am asking very nicely for some help and would like to hear anothers input on what you would do.


!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already asked but i needed to add more information, she sent the picture when we were broken up and not talking, then we started talking and after about a week i found out she did it, guys i do love her, i really do but i need some opinions :/ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    There's forgiving the way she wronged you... and there's accepting her back to potentially wrong you again. They are not necessarily the same thing.

    Although if you can't forgive her, then you CERTAINLY can't take her back.

    IF you can find it in your heart to forgive her and take her back, you'll need to sit down with her and set some ground rules for the future. No nude pics to anyone but you, no flirting with other guys - online or in real life - and obviously no physical affection between her and other guys beyond VERY casual hugs (with hips well separated). If she can't live by those rules, then there can be no relationship. If she says she can, then proves she can't, there can be no relationship.

    Odds are this is a pattern for her, and she's not going to break it. But everything is possible. Forgive her if you can... but that doesn't mean you subsequently have to take her back if you don't feel you can trust her.

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