Whats better XBOX ONE or PS4?

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  • Jack
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    8 years ago
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    PS4. for several reasons

    1. Cheaper Price. Xbox One: $500 PS4: $400. Xbox One is bundled with Kinect (which most people don't need or want) so you have to pay an extra $100 for something you don't want. You could buy a PS4 with a game and extra controller for around the same price.

    2. Less restrictions. Xbox One makes you buy Kinect with the console, but PS4 doesn't. Kinect is always on, even if you trust some software settings, hackers can still listen in. Having a camera watching and listening to you is not a benefit. It's stupid, especially when Microsoft was discovered to have exposed information to the NSA, so theoretically the NSA could watch you through Kinect if they wanted. You can't disconnect Kinect, and it probably will not work if you cover it up with something. Also, stupid dipshit Xbox fanboys apparently signed a petition to bring back the RESTRICTIVE policies (you have to check in every 24 hours, no trading games or taking them to friends' houses) and it has received 26,000 signatures so far, and it could probably happen, and those stupid Restrictive policies will come back.

    3. Better and more exclusives. Which exclusives are better is just opinion, but PS4 has Killzone, Infamous, Driveclub, and a whole bunch of other things. but factually, PS4 has announced 30 exclusives, 20 of which coming out in PS4's first year. And Xbox only has 15, which in my opinion aren't as good as the PS4 exclusives.

    4. Hardware. The PS4 has much higher GPU capacity, 150% more. It also has better ram, (Xbox has DDR3, PS4 has DDR5, which can handle more capacity and graphics, basically more power). Also, they both have 8 Gigs of ram. But, the Xbox One will use 3 GIGS of that for the stupid tv stuff that nobody needs, meaning that you sacrifice some of your gaming capacity for that. But PS4 will use almost all of its RAM for gaming.

    5. Community. The PS4 has outsold the Xbox One in pre-orders. Hell, even the OUYA outsold the Xbox One in Canada. But I'd say at least 2/3 of people are going PS4, so most of the social community will be there, and probably most of your friends. Sony said they would have unlimited pre-orders, meaning they had A LOT of PS4s set to manufacture, but they actually did sell out of pre-orders, meaning A LOT of people are going PS4.

    6. Backwards compatibility. Neither console is backwards compatibile, however, the PS4 does have an advantage because it will be using gaikai, which will be a streaming service in 2014 that will let u play ps3 games, but people don't really know all the specs and how it works, but there at least will be some form of backwards compatibility.

    Just want to add that I am not a fanboy. I owned a PS2, then went to Xbox 360 because the social features and everything was better. So I've liked both sides. I like Xbox 360 better than PS3, but The PS4 in my opinion is better than the Xbox One, I hope this helped you make your decision.

  • 8 years ago

    This is a very heated topic so I will try to be as neutral as possible. First things first, PC gaming is no where close to the xbox one or ps4. I'll give a quick pros and cons for each.

    X1: pros

    xbox live

    voice activated kinect

    classic controller

    "SNAP" mode

    Exclusive Halo TV Series

    Gaming is a huge leap from the ps3 and xbox 360


    People don't like how it's not all gaming

    People are freaked out about kinect being always on.

    The graphics are slightly worse than ps4.

    PS4 pros

    great graphics

    very cool controller

    100 dollars cheaper than xbox one

    cooler looking console


    PSN is not very good

    Not a truly "next-gen" console

    Not a lot of exclusive games

    Play Motion isn't close to kinect.

    has only gaming.

  • 8 years ago

    Neither, PC gaming is better than both of them. All the Xbox One and PS4 do is what a low-level gaming PC does. As for the price you can get a better gaming pc for the same price. I wouldn't and am not going to buy either

    Source(s): pc gaming 10+ years, console gaming 12+ years
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    If you want to play games, then PS4

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