I'm 18.. just broke up with my ex and our 40/50 year old landlords are theateneing me?

Basically I broke up with my ex Daryl because he cheated on me with this girl sophia.. I found out because I was looking down his phone after he let me use it and I saw the convo between him and her.. He said to her she was the perfect girlfriend and that he loved her.. She broke up with him. I ended it knowing he cheated. Since then I found out a day after we broke up, he got with three other girls. He's now with someone called Georgina who he's known for 3 weeks and dated for 2. They've exchanged nudes, told eachother they loved eachother and have been bitching about me.

Daryl's been making up lies saying he has bi polar and his mum told me he doesn't have it! He's had them wrapped around his finger from the beginning, lying to everyone and I told them he was lying! I haven't done anything to upset the landlords who are like bum buddies with my ex. I read the convo between daryl and them because I knew something was up as there was tension in the air and I wanted to get to the bottom of it. In so many words the lady who's 50 something, threatened to shoot me with a shotgun multiple times. She said she was proud of Daryl and that he was like a son to her. Neil (the husband to the lady) was laughing at how aggressive she was being. I haven't done anything and I don't understand why they're being like this towards me? The woman even said she wouldn't trust me and I haven't even done anything to upset either of them.. What should I do?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Give them notice you are moving out. You cannot live in that kind of hostile environment.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago


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