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how do i get my koi carp to breed i have them in a tank at home and wondering wat age they start breading at a?

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    to breed koi fish your koi fish should be no younger than 4 years. also you need good size tank which is minimum 1500 gallon tank to breed koi fish . you need more females than males so 1 male and 3 females would be good.

    for best success of breeding KOI fish is keep them in proper size pond and be patients. also to get them condition to breed them they need to be healthy first which means reach full size ( koi capable to reach over 2-3 feet) , feed them good food like frozen fish foods , flakes, pellets, vegetables etc. and keep good water quality.

    also to tell the differences from male and female KOI is that Male KOi fish are slimmer while female KOI will become more plumper which means female is full off eggs. when male is ready to breed he will chase females and bump into them to get them spawned.

    also after the spawning parents or eggs should be removed from the tank as KOI fish eats their fry and eggs , so you need to have a separate tank for parents or fry

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