He humiliated me, how do I fix it?

ok... my ex and I have been dating 3 years. He has a huge fixation with his younger sister. He goes everywhere with her and always puts me on the back burner. Well.. We were planning our vacation together and he wanted her to come, and I said that I didn't want her to come because they always put me on the back burner ( and they went on 2 vacations without me) . He got mad- I apologized several times and said she could come, then he told her that I didn't want her around. so she gives me the silent treatment.

We all go to a hockey game and he was treating me nice and his sister was ignoring me, and then the next day he disappears and dumps me. I feel sad and humiliated, because I thought our fight was over... I wasn't aware that it was our last outing and I feel betrayed, he missed my graduation, my birthday... I didn't beg him, I ignored him too when I realized he was ignoring me. How do you handle a guy disappearing?


I was really sorry for what I said, I just get sick of him always wanting to be with his sister and NEVER with me.

I even said, that I would get tickets to a theme park and allow his sister to come being that it was sooo important to him. And I wouldn't bring it up again, and he dumped me anyway for it.

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  • 8 years ago

    It seems that the key to his heart goes through her sister's heart. You should' have gained her attention and become her best friend. I'am sure there are some other aspects of the story that you don't tell. You put yourself to a position that he had to choose between you two, which was a big mistake because family is more important.

    But what can you do now? I think if you still have feelings for him. you have to talk to his sister and gradually gain her trust and respect.and eventually become friends with her.

  • Andy
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    With this whining, I can't blame the poor guy for dropping you.

    Just get over it and learn that there are times to keep your mouth shut, and when it comes to someone's family, that's usually a good time to keep your mouth shut.

  • 8 years ago

    It reveals his direction in life.

    She is his second appendage & i fear maybe his favored secret if you get what i mean.

    It's called the invisible wiener tickle.

    As long as she is his mistress mentally and physically let him choose.

    They'll stay family for ever; keeping 'it' in the family.

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