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Boxing Fans: Do you have a favorite boxer from every decade of professional boxing?

From what I have read, seen or heard here's my list:

1880's - None

1890's - None

1900's - James J. Jeffries

1910's - None really

1920's - Harry Greb

1930's - Marcel Thil

1940's - Anton Christoforidis

1950's - Rocky Marciano

1960's - László Papp

1970's - Carlos Monzón

1980's - Mike Tyson (Hate to admit it, but I was only a kid surrounded from "open-minded" liberal older people in and outside my family. I had none back then to raise me properly and help me to be the proud racially awaken European man I have become for over 13 years now.....So yes I was another victim of Zionist-American crusade and I idolized this racist, uneducated, overrated rapist)

1990's - Dariusz Michalczewski, Kostya Tszyu in a tie

2000's- The Klitschkos and Joe Calzaghe in a tie

2010's - Too many to name. GGG, Canelo, Sergio Martinez, Klitschkos blah blah.


Salido, I think I explained it a$$shole. But I am in process to delete him from my memory and bio and replace him with Barry McGuigan. Let's say 5'10 chubby Tyson was lucky enough to fight in an era that Eastern Euros were still commies and couldn't compete as pros. Your hero would never become a champ if that was the case and we all know that very well, hombre ;)

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    Hello my dear friend Theo. Here is my list sir:

    1880's: John L. Sulivan

    1890's: John L. Sullivan

    1900's: Bob Fitzsimmons

    1910's: Stanley Ketchel

    1920's: Harry Greb

    1930's: Mickey Walker

    1940's: Billy Conn

    1950's: Rocky Marciano

    1960's: Jerry Quarry

    1970's: Joe Frazier/Roberto Duran

    1980's: Alexis Arguello

    1990's: Mickey Ward

    2000's: Tomasz Adamek

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    1900's - Sam Langford

    1910's - Jimmy Wilde and Ted Kid Lewis

    1920's - Harry Greb

    1930's - Henry Armstrong

    1940's - Billy Conn

    1950's - Sugar Ray Robinson

    1960's - Muhammed Ali

    1970's - Carlos Monzon and Roberto Duran

    1980's - Tommy Hearns, Marvin Hagler and Salvador Sanchez

    1990's - Lennox Lewis, Evander Holyfield and Chris Eubank

    2000's- Erik Morales, Juan Ma Marquez and Arturo Gatti

    2010's - Carl Froch,Román González, Juan Ma Marquez, Tim Bradley and Dmitry Pirog

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    10's - Jack Johnson

    20's - Jack Dempsey

    30's - Joe Louis

    40's - Sugar Ray Robinson

    50's - Rocky Marciano

    60's - Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali

    70's - Muhammad Ali & Roberto Duran

    80's - Sugar Ray Leonard & Mike Tyson

    90's - Evander Holyfield & Oscar de la Hoya

    00's - Lennox Lewis & Manny Pacquiao

    10's - Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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    50s: Randolph Turpin

    60s: Henry cooper

    70s: Muhammad Al

    80s: Marvin hagler

    90s: Chris eubank

    00s: Joe calzaghe

    This is my favourite fighters, not the best fighters. I think it's obvious that I'm British!

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    2010s----Andre Ward-Floyd Mayweather (tie)

    2000s---Floyd Mayweather, Jr.-Manny Pacquiao (tie)

    1990s---Evander Holyfield-Roy Jones (tie)

    1980s---Sugar Ray Leonard-Larry Holmes (tie)

    1970s---Muhammad Ali-Carlos Monzon-Roberto Duran (tie)

    1960s---Muahmmad Ali-Flash Elorde (tie)

    1950s---Sugar Ray Robinson-Rocky Marciano (tie)

    1940s---Joe Louis-Henry Armstrong (tie)

    1930s---Joe Louis-Harry Greb (tie)

    1920s---Jack Johnson-Jack Dempsey-Pancho Villa (tie)

    1910s---Jim Jeffries


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    2000's:Amir Khan

    Ah you have also discovered the zionist conspiracy..welcome to the club man!

    Fhukk fox news and cnn

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    "1980's - Mike Tyson"

    WHAT?!? How could ANYONE have that phony Mike Tyson ahead of East European all time great and the greatest fighter of the 80's Ivan Drago? Knight, you have officially fallen off brother.

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