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My little sister died, every things gone so fast?

So, something that effects me everyday of my life is my little sisters death. She was only a baby, and i normally think about her everyday/night. I was thinking about it the other day and it was 9 years ago. im 17 now, which means she died when i was just 8. I literally cannot believe it. how on earth has time gone that fast? recently i haven't been thinking about her as much, but i used to think about her everyday, and pretty much cry each night about her. but after 9 years, doesent it seems strange that like... i still cry about her?

She was just a baby, but like, not a baby bay, but old enough for us to know she was in our family, if you know what i mean, then she fell ill. I felt a lot of guilt when she died. She died on the was to hospital, in an ambulance, and i wasn't even there. I was out at a theme park with a friend. It makes me feel guilty everyday. do you think im not thinking about her as much as its been so long?

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    There are some things in life that are really hard to forget.You probably have a lot of emotions for her.You are not over thinking about that maybe you are just a good person and you dont't fell comfortable with the reality.But There's nothing to feel guilty about when that wasn't your fault.And why do you cry?when you know she is swimming in the pool of paradise

  • Stop feeling guilty, you did nothing wrong. I believe in GOD and I believe things happen for a reason that GOD only knows for now. But I can tell you this she went right back into the arms of Jesus. You should feel good about that and someday you will see her again if you get there too. Mean while I don't think she wants you to be sad over her anymore.

    you made me sad : (

    GOD Bless your heart and give you peace : )

    I hope I haven't offended you by my beliefs

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    Its a difficult thing, but you didn't know that was going to happen! So don't feel bad about being out, if anything, you being out is a good thing because it keeps your mind off things. If you aren't in it, they might have support programs that help with these situations where you are, maybe try testing a few out and seeing how it feels?

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